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Thunder Force

Thunder Force 

Thunder Force In March 1983, Earth was subjected to cosmic rays, which gave sociopaths superpowers, resulting in the rise of supervillains known as Miscreants. Without a single person to stop Miscreants ordinary people are often left to live in fear of being slain by them. After a miscreant murders her geneticist parents on their way home from work, Emily Stanton becomes determined to discover a way to stop miscreants.

Emily has given up a large portion of her social time to research possible ways to fight back against Miscreants as of 1985. While this results in her being harassed, Lydia Berman stands up for her and is her best and only friend. Lydia shares Emily’s dream of giving the power of superpowers to ordinary people but she also works to ensure that Emily isn’t overworking herself. When Lydia convinces Emily to have a nap for half an hour while studying in 1993, she accidentally caused Emily to sleep in and get up late for an AP exam, which strains their relationship and making them fall apart.

In 2024, Emily and Lydia have separated and have separated, with Emily becoming an accomplished scientist and researcher for her own business, as well as Lydia becoming a longshoreman. Lydia tries to reconnect with Emily when their high school reunion rolls close and she is invited to join her. When she fails to be present on the night of the reunion, Lydia concludes that Emily isn’t comfortable attending parties by herself and picks Emily up. Emily tells Lydia that she was unable to attend the reunion and forgot the date. Emily also explains that she had a project she needed to finish the night before. Emily would like to discuss this with Lydia. Unfortunately, Lydia accidentally injects herself with the serum Emily had been working on.

After being injected with the serum Lydia is taught by Emily that the serum was designed to give a normal person superhuman strength . She will require special training and treatments so that the serum does not cause death. Emily joins Lydia to undergo the treatment. It is less painful because Emily was given the serum in pill form, allowing her to achieve an invisible appearance. Lydia and Emily get closer over the three and a half days of training and the treatment. Lydia discovers that in the years following their high school graduation, Emily had one daughter, Tracy, with one of the researchers, who could not handle the responsibility and quit the family.

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